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Red Fern Farmstead

Welcome. I began raising Shepherds in 1998 and have been raising both Shepherds and Collies since then.  I live on a small hobby farm in the north-central part of the lower pennisula of Michigan, only three miles from a large area of the Manistee National Forest, where I love to take the dogs hiking. 

I enjoy raising dogs because I love dogs, and have since I was a child., reading every dog story I could find from a very young age.  I dreamed and begged and pleaded for a dog of my own, which eventually I would have.  My first dog was my best companion for thirteen years.

Although raising dogs is a distinct endeavor from having one or two or even three companion animals, I have made every effort to assure that my hobby kennel is first and foremost a decent home for the adults.  I do not have any "kennels" per se, but rather have five and half acres fenced into areas of various sizes, ranging from 50 by 50 feet up to one acre, including a three acre walking area, and my dogs share my home each and every day. Although this cannot compare to having a hundred and fifty acre farm, I am very thankful to have a fifty acre farm (with lake) to visit nearby (my brother Ed's) and for living next to the largest area of National Forest in the lower pennisula of Michigan.